Discovery Program Acquisition.

Discovery Program Acquisition.

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The following list of organizations have expressed an interest in teaming with other organizations on Discovery proposals to further the efforts of planetary exploration. This is simply a list of organizations that have asked to be included on this list and no investigation has been accomplished by NASA to verify any of the listed information such as areas of expertise or their capabilities for teaming. Proposing organizations are not required to team with any organization on this list. It is simply provided as a forum for the community to use in matching expertise needs with sources. NASA does not endorse any of these organizations and does not accept responsibility for their capabilities or actions.
Date of Initialization: May 8, 2019
Aviar Technology
4003 Walnut Pond Drive
Houston, Houston 77059-4015
United States
Tel: 832-496-0320
Contact: James R. Mireles
Areas of Expertise: Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) development in Unity/C# Immersive analysis of scientific models, such as DNA or proteins, or of mechanical and physical systems, including telemetry and system properties Simulation of terrestrial or orbital environments including physics and lighting Abstract ideas such as data analytics AR/VR training Comfortable room-scale VR, meaning no sim sickness.

First Mode
2220 Western Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
United States
Phone: 510-295-7401
Contact: Tristan Helms
Areas of Expertise: First Mode provides engineering services for various civil and commercial space missions. The team has experience with systems engineering, mission architecture, engineering and design, configuration, integration, V&V, and flight qualification of hardware.
First Mode is currently supporting the M2020, Europa Clipper and Psyche missions.